• 32 contestants will enter the Big Breaker House (aka The Crucible Theatre) on April 16, but only one will emerge as world champion on May 2. 

    Who will it be?

    Global Snooker's Big Breaker will bring you a daily summary of the all the happenings inside the house, snippets from the Diary Room aka, the Media Centre and lots more.

    So, come back each day to see who has been evicted from the Big Breaker House!

    The Contestants

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    Day 2

    Day Seventeen - Higgins Trumps The ACE

    Evicted - Judd Trump

    21-year-old Judd Trump was the last man to leave the Big Breaker house leaving John Higgins as the last man standing after a gruelling test of stamina.

    The Scot reached the required number of 71 frames won to claim the title, with Trump falling just three short having won 68.

    Day Sixteen - Trump On Course

    Evicted - None

    No evictions today, with the two players settling into the house as the only two inhabitants.

    Experience versus Youth is the stereotypical line that many of the pundits will be taking but there is more to it than that!

    If Judd can keep creating chances from nothing and making frame winning breaks he will continue his superb run.

    Higgins on the other hand, has not yet reached the stage of having to rely on acaget safety game to get him over the line.

    Expect hard-hitting attacking play from both players and the winner?  Well...the first guy to reach 18 on Monday!

    Day Fifteen - Judd TRiUMPhs

    Evicted - Ding Junhui, Mark Williams

    More to follow...

    Day Fourteen

    Evicted - None

    More to follow...

    Day Thirteen - Advantage Trump and Williams

    Evicted - None

    Day Twelve - Williams Crushes Allen

    Evicted - Mark Allen, Graeme Dott, Ronnie O'Sullivan, Mark Selby

    More to follow...

    Day Eleven - Dott Loses Control

    Evicted - None

    More to follow...

    Day Ten - Hendry Departs

    Evicted - Stephen Hendry, Rory McLeod, Shaun Murphy, Stuart Bingham

    More to follow...

    Day Nine - Six Ton Selby Simply Superb

    Evicted - None

    Mark Selby broke the scoring record for the most century breaks in a best of 25 frame match.  The Jester smashed six tons against seven-time champ, Stephen Hendry.

    And for good measure, played on in the final frame of the session needing four snookers to stop Hendry the deficit to 11-5.

    Selby added salt to Hendry's gaping wound by getting five and clearing the last red to black to lead 12-4.

    The Scot has already spoken about retirment after this tournament and BB is sure that this match will have done little to change his mind.

    The Gladiatorial battle between Murphy and O'Sullivan failed for s second successive session to live up to its mighty billing.

    Both players making uncharecteristic mistakes but 2005 champ, Myrphy won the session 5-3 to trail 9-7 overall, and set up what could be a thrilling final session.

    Stuart Bingham drew session two and still leads Ding Junhui, needing just four frames to cause the biggest upset of the tournament.

    Rory McLeod was on go-slow again, managing just 15 of the scheduled 16 frames.  He managed to win five of them though against world number one, John Higgins, but the tournament favourite needs just three frames to set up a clash with O'Sullivan....or Murphy!

    Day Eight - Allen Hangs On

    Evicted - Barry Hawkins, Allister Carter, Martin Gould

    More to follow...

    Day Seven - Jamie Unable to Cope with Williams

    Evicted - Jamie Cope

    Mark Williams moved a step closer to ending the season as world number one, by destroying Jamie Cope 13-4.

    The Stoke potter was outclassed in every department as the twice Crucible champ gained revenge for Cope's victory in round one over his good friend Andrew Pagett, affectionately known to Williams as 'The Meerkat'.

    With a couple of days off to recover from a 'dodgy stomach', he awaits the winner of the Allen-Hawkins match for a place in the semi-final, for the first time since winning the title in 2003.

    Barry Hawkins won the opening session against Allen but there is a long way to go.

    Graeme Dott lost five of the first six frames to trail Captain Carter by two after starting 5-3 ahead, but the little Scot hasbecome one of the hardest players to beat at the Crucible in recent years and recovered to end all-square at eight-all.

    Day Six - Higgins Wins Easi-Lee

    Evicted - Stephen Lee, Jimmy Robertson

    A tough opener for world number one was made to look failry routine as he eased past Stephen Lee by ten-frames-to-five.

    The Scot never really got out of third gear and yet still made four centuries in the match!

    Lee, trailing 6-3 overnight was always playing catch-up and was never really up for the job.

    The win, you would have to say puts three-time champion into the quarter-final, with Rory McLeod not having the kind of fighter power to offer serious challenge.

    Mark Selby sailed through to a second round clash with Stephen Hendry beating debutant Jimmy Robertson by ten-frames-to-one, leaving the 'Pink Army' with just Barry Hawkins flying its flag in round two.

    The Jester's only complaint to fellow Leicester-man, Willie Thore was that he had "too many chances".

    In session two, the twice Masters champ, did find his scoring touch getting his century tally off the ground with a 107.

    As round two got underway, the left-handers made the best start.

    Mark Williams stormed to a 7-1 lead against Jamie Cope, with the Stoke potter quickly getting frustrated after Williams made he brighter start.

    A few poor shot selections and a couple more played like he didn't care about tha outcome of the match helped him trail the Welshman by seven-frames-to-one after sessions one.

    That old chestnut, "You can't win a match in session one, but you can lose it was used" in commentary by Ken Doherty. But Ken, surely if one loses it, then the other has won it?

    Judd Trump also won the opening session against Martin Gould, but with a possible 17-frames remaining, there is everything to play for at 5-3.

    Day Five - Rory On McLeod 9!

    Evicted - Ricky Walden, Matthew Stevens

    Rory Mcleod was understandably delighted to reach the last 16 of the world championship for the first time in his 20-year career by frustrating Ricky Walden by 10 frames to 6.

    Walden claimed afterwards that the match was painful and that Rory had bogged things down.  An average shot time of 34 seconds is well within the rules, if perhaps not the spirit of the game.

    Barry Hearn expressed a desire to see the players 'get on with it'.  Big Breaker thinks that rather than the crudeness of a shot clock, a retrospective look at average shot times would allow persistent offenders to be punished?  Just a thought!

    Matthew Stevens was involved in yet another Crucible cracker in which he managed to let slip a commanding lead.

    The twice runner-up seemed to be in control and heading into round two when leading by nine-frames-to-six.

    Allen though, appeared to accept defeat was inevitable and began to play with an air of nonchalance sprinkled with a coating of petulance.

    The left-hander threw his cue at everything and things started to happen.

    He won frame 16 with a century and moved within one after Stevens refused a difficult pot on the final pink which would have sent him through.

    The Antrim was soon level and with both players squandering chances in the 19th frame, it was Antrim' Allen who managed to pot sufficient balls to see him through, to the delight of his 4-year-old daughter, who along with mum, Reanne Evans were in the front row.

    After dodging a BIG bullet, Allen must become a more dangerous opponent for the rest of the event. 

    Mark 'Steady' Selby made dependable start to his 2011 campaign, exploiting fully the inexperience of Jimmy Robertson to open up an irreversible 8-1 lead. 

    Three times champion, John Higgins was far from his best yet still managed to make breaks of 132, 131 and 102 to open a 6-3 lead on Stephen Lee.

    Day Four - Ronnie Oh!

    Evicted - Dominic Dale, Pete Ebdon

    What does the 'O' stand for in O'Sullivan?  Oh my god, he's good!

    The Rocket was unplayable in his match against Dominic Dale.

    At one point, the Welshman was in such disarray that he ignored a straight forward pot on the green, instead opting for a roll-up snooker behind the yellow.

    That is what Ronnie can do to a player, and if he can maintain that level throughout, then he WILL lift his fourth title come May 2nd.

    But, with a probable 13 sessions to go, that is a big IF! And we, like him, are not getting carried away.  Today, he was positive, upbeat and looking forward to a long future in the game and a rise back up the rankings, "just like Mark Williams has achieved".

    Tomorrow, who knows?  But let's not worry about that.  Let's just enjoy him at his untouchable best, and... unless you're a Murphy fan let's hope for more of the same.

    Stuart Bingham lost the opening three frames of session two against Ebbo.

    He managed to take the last before the mid session interval to steady the ship and despite losing the 14th, proceeded to win four in a row and send the 2002 champion out of the competition.

    Rory McLeod was in go-slow mode against Ricky Walden, taking 34 seconds per shot and holding the number 15 seed to four-frames-all.

    Many people's outside fancy, Matthew Stevens did well to end his opening session with Mark Allen in front after the youngster from Northern ireland looked liked going into overdive.

    Marco Fu looked classy in his quest to avenge defeat by Martin Gould at the same stage twelve months ago, taking a 6-3 lead into day two of their opener.

    Graeme Dott continued his love affair with the Crucible theatre, playing great attacking snooker to open up a commanding lead against Mark King.

    Day Three - Two Deciders!

    Evicted - Jamie Burnett, Stephen Maguire, Joe Perry

    You wait three days for a final frame decider and then two come a long at onece.

    Barry 'Harry Hill' Hawkins finally wins a match at the Crucible, getting the better of Stephen Maguire over 19-frames.

    On five previous occasions Hawkins has lost out in the opening round here, and twice after taking it the distance.

    His record against Maguire was less than impressive, so all in all things did not look good for the left-hander, which makes his 80-odd break in the frame 19, even more impressive.

    The man with the giant collars has far more class than some pundits might credit him with.

    Hawkins has a solid safety game and a stealth-like attacking side, which makes him one of the most prolific break builders in the game.  With the first-round monkey off his back, watch out for a Hawkins run in the next fortnight.

    Seven-time champ, Hendry also edged through in a 19th frame decider after Joe Perry fought his way back after losing the opening session 6-3.

    Hendry showed more emotion through the match than ever before on SHeffield's most famous stage - with fist pumps and determined calls of 'come on!'

    Big Breaker cannot see Hendry staying the distance over the 17-days but as long he is still in, title number eight remains a possibility.

    China's number one Ding completed the formalities in disposing of Jamie Burnett, in clinical fashion.  The Scot then compared Ding to Hendry of old.  I guess there are similarities, neither miss nor smile a great deal!

    After all the hype, the Ronnie O'Sullivan show broke off against Dominic Dale, and as far as Big Breaker is concerned, if the Rocket can keep up that level of concentration, determination and patience then the rest might just as well play for second place.

    However, everybody knows that to win this, he will need to do that for another 15 gruelling sessions, so if you're still in it, you can still win it! 

    Day Two - Lights Out For Pag

    Evicted - Andrew Pagett, Marcus Campbell, Dave Harold, Ryan Day

    The lights went out on day two of Andrew Pagett's colourful debut, as he went down 10-7 against number 14 seed, Jamie Cope.

    The 'Potter in Pink' had made a good start to his campaign on Saturday but Sunday morning's session spiralled into the type of game you would expect to see at your local Riley's.

    Both players lost their touch and any resemblence of a cue action, and at one point not only was Pagett living up to his close friend, Mark Williams' billing as the 'worst player ever to qualify' but Cope must have had a shout at the title ' worst seed ever at the Crucible'.

    Faced with a pink to the green pocket to reduce the deficit to 8-9, Pagett was disturbed by the lights on Table 2 being switched off.  He steadied himself before missing the pot and Cope eventually took pink and black to fall over the line and set up a match with Williams.

    No doubt when telling the 'grand-kids' of his Crucible debut,  blame for the defeat will be put on the lights going out and not the series of misses which caused him to lose seven out of eight during the mid-part of the match.

    2005 champ, Shaun Murphy has come into this year's championship underneath most people's radar despite winning in Ireland recently, but must fancy his chances after easing though against Marcus Campbell 10-1.

    Allister Carter was another who made it through without breaking a sweat, beating Dave Harold 10-3.

    The Williams-Day match was billed as the tie of the round and Williams was put under a bit of pressure at 7-5 he responded with three frame winners to progress in comfort.

    Day One - Champ Out

    Evicted - Neil Robertson

    Day One in the Big Breaker House was the defending champion's big day!  It was all about Mr Robertson on Saturday, but Haircut One-Hundred-And-Forty-Seven wanted to spoil the Aussie's party.

    Despite two century breaks from the, Melbourne man  he was outplayed by Judd who eventually won 10-8 in a match of the highest quality.

    From the tournament's point of view, it meant that a serious contender for the title must leave a little too early!

    'Pretty In Pink' Pagett made a shaky start to his Crucible debut, by mis-timing the break off shot and crashing into the pack of reds. Cope butchered the red to middle and allowed Pagett to settle with a 48 before 'Shotgun' cleared to take the frame.

    28-year-old Pagett looked like a meerkat in headlights though as he took an unexpected 4-2 lead with his opponent struggling badly.

    Pagett eventually began to show the kind of form which has helped him win just one match in major ranking events this season to end the session 5-4 down.

    Shaun Murphy had a magical opening session and is on course to dish out a rare Crucible whitewash to Marcus Campbell

    The All-Welsh battle between Williams and Day ended 6-3, with Williams posting the highest break so far, of 137 and threatening at one stage to run away with the match.

    Captain Carter is on course for a comfortable landing in round two after winning the opening session against Dave Harold 8-1.

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