• World Championship 1930

    In 1930, the number of competitors was back up to six.  Once again, the champpionship was played in various locations throughout the season, with the final at Thurston’s Hall in London, England.







    Joe Davis beat Tom Dennis 25-12



    Joe Davis beat Fred Lawrence 13-2

    Tom Dennis beat Nat Butler 13-11


    Round 1

    Fred Lawrence beat Alec Mann 13-11

    Nat Butler beat Tom Newman 13-11


    Highest Break: 79 – Joe Davis
    This was a new championship record


    Nat Butler

    One of the lesser know names of early professional snooker. Like all his contemporaries Butler, who originally came from Aberdeen, but later settled in Ealing, was a billiards player.

    In July 1922 he lost a match to Peall at Thurston's by 1711 points in 7000 up, he was receiving a 1500 point start. In February 1923 he received 750 from Tom Carpenter and lost by 599 in a 7000 up at Burroughes Hall. Tom Dennis beat Butler by a mere 9 points in a the final of the BPA championship at Thurstons, in a 2000 up game. Dennis ran out with 51 unfinished to win. Butler had better luck in September 1924, beating Dennis by 1872 points in 7000 up at Thurstons.

    In 1926 he won the BPA Billiard Championship beating H Shephard 2000-1584 in the final and in the same year he secured the BPA Snooker title beating C. Frost 4-1 in the final.

    Butler's semi final in the 1930 World Snooker against Dennis was quite a thriller. At the end of the first day they were level at 4-4. By the end of the second day's play Dennis had drawn away to 10-6, but Butler pulled back three frames and went into the last session trailing 11-9. He took two out of the first three, before Dennis took the next for victory.

    Butler retained his BPA BIlliards title in 1930, beating Tom Dennis by 233 points in the 2500 up final, to secure his fifth victory in the event.