• On the table

    Started playing:1999
    Started At:Fuessen, Germany
    Biggest Influence:1999
    Club:Oberhausen 15 Reds
    Turned Pro:2006
    Career High Amateur:2 times European Under 19s semi finalist
    Career High Professional:Main Tour 2006-7
    Proudest Moment:to know I was going to play on the Main Tour
    Worst Moment:don't really have one
    Funniest Moment:1 potted 5 colours in one shot on the Main Tour!
    Player admire the most:Ronnie O'Sullivan. He is just fantastic
    Highest Break:146
    Event:Under 21 event
    Against Who:An English player!
    Cue type:1 piece
    Cue make:Stamford Cuemakers
    Shaft material:Ash