• Is Higgins the Weakest Link?

    Alex Higgins is taking part in a Sporting Stars episode of Weakest Link on the BBC.

    Former World champion and general hell raiser, Alex Higgins, has been invited by the BBC to participate in an edisode of the popular Weakest Link programme, featuring Sporting Stars.

    The episode featuring Higgins, which I'm told is "Not to be missed" will be aired on BBC1 on Saturday 25 July at 17.50.

    Other guests on the show include Sir Chris Hoy, Sir Geoff Hurst, Tom Daley, Sir Matthew Pinsett, Paul Gascoigne and Sally Gunnell.

    They will be competing to win up to £50,000 for their chosen charity.

    I've no doubt that viewers outside the UK will be able to see clips on You Tube after the show.

    Higgins, World Snooker Champion in 1972 and 1982, has recovered well after treatment for throat cancer and can regularly be seen around the Exhibition Circuit, often playing alongside Jimmy White.

    After a recent exhibition at Thornaby Snooker Centre, Higgins donated his waistcoat and a large photo, both of which he signed. The club has now had them framed and they're on display in the club.

    There is talk of Alex Higgins taking part in a Seniors Event, which Joe Johnson is currently planning to stage at his club in Bradford next year.

    Recently John Higgins, no relation, took part in a question and answer session. Asked the question "Who would you least like to be stuck in a lift with", Higgins responded by saying Alex Higgins.

    It is to be hoped that the current World Champion never does get stuck in a lift with the volatile Higgins!