• 2010 Betfred.com World Snooker Championship

    Semi Final 2 Graeme Dott 17-14 Mark Selby

    Best of 33 Frames over 4 sessions:

    Thursday 29 April 7pm Friday 30 April 2.30pm, Saturday 1 May 10am & 7pm.

     Graeme Dott
    Mark Selby

     Frame Scores: 
    1st Session: 105(79)-27, 53(53)-68(35), 71(70)-19, 77(48)-6, 26-65, 68(50)-10, 105(93)-4, 142(142)-0
    2nd Session: 73(49)-54(54), 66(6)-68(63), 0-84(51), 84(84)-19, 146(146)-0, 6-58, 66(66)-52, 92(86)-4
    3rd Session: 44-82, 65(60)-66(66), 68(57)-8, 19-72(38), 0-72(67), 73(41)-39, 75(56)-2, 64(51)-45
    4th Session: 67(46)-37, 30-80(79), 0-83(83), 67(47)-0, 6-99(37), 87-45

     Match Notes:

    Dott is in the final.

    How big was that frame? After 45 minutes Dott clinches it on the green and stands within one of victory.

    In case you're wondering folks, we haven't fallen asleep here or slipped off to the pub! This frame has been in play for 39 minutes now and Dott leads 53-45, but Selby is at the table with one red left.

    Selby is fighting for all he's worth here. He's closed the frame with 37 and is back within one frame. Did I say something about a late night!!

    Dott takes the last before the interval with 47.

    A great run of 83 gets Selby even closer to Dott.

    Selby's great start continues, a run of 79 and he's halved his deficit already. This match has all the makings of being a very late night, very close, right to the wire thriller.

    Selby battles through a 32 minute first frame of the night, helped by a run of 46.

    A pumped up Dott clinches the last frame, despite missing the blue on 51 and he's got a big four frame lead to carry into tonight's final frames.

    Dott wins a long safety exchange and makes 56 and he'll have the lead going into tonight's final session. Selby really needs to win this final frame now to keep in touch.

    It's getting edgy now. Dott made 41, after Selby missed a red to centre on 21.

    Now we have the makings of a thriller as Selby closes to within a frame with a class run of 67.

    Dott missed a red to centre, Selby made 38 before missing a blue but got bakc in to take the frame.

    A well laid snooker earns Dott an opening and he made 57 from it to go three ahead again.

    There's a big success for Selby to close the gap. Dott missed frame ball on 60 and Selby dished with 66.

    Good morning, welcome to the third of four sessions of this match. We've had a very long and very scrappy opening frame but Selby eventually won it.

    Dott carries a healthy 10-6 lead forward wrapping up the session with 86.

    Dott will lead going into Saturday's play as he rattles in 66 to go 9-6 ahead. I'm thinking Dott is the smallest steam roller in the game. He's been so fluent amongst the balls this year and he's rolling out the frames.

    Selby wins a low scoring frame to keep in touch.

    Quite amazing. History repeats itself as Dott runs in 146 to emulate Mark Allen's break here.

    Selby missed a hard pink bang in the balls and Dott made 84 to go to the interval 7-5 up.

    Selby has won the next in quick time with a 51.

    That was a huge frame for Selby to win. Dott opened with 66 and Selby cleared with 63 to pinch it on the black.

    Dott stretches his lead. Selby made 54 but missed a red down the rail and Dott slotted home the colours.

    Welcome back. Now the political circus has vacated the Crucible we can get back to snooker! Selby needs a good start today to see if he can dent Dott's confidence.

    A great 142 total clearance by Selby to end the first session.

    A slow start to the frame, including Selby needing a comfort break, but then Dott got in with a cracking 93 break to stretch his lead.

    It's all gone a bit scrappy. Errors from both players before Dott stepped in with 50 to go 4-2 up.

    Selby takes the fifth after Dott went in off a red.

    Dott opens a 3-1 lead at the interval, making a useful 48.

    A great cross double on the last red secures the third frame for Dott.

    Dott did all the hard work to come back from 50 behind, but missed the green.

    A fluent start by Dott with a 79 break.

    Good evening and welcome to the first session of this semi final. It promises to be a fascinating encounter... Dott, the further champion, on the come back trail and Mark Selby bidding for his first Crucible final.

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