• 2010 Betfred.com World Snooker Championship

    Round Two - Match 21 - Stephen Maguire 6-13 Graeme Dott

    Best of 25 Frames over 3 sessions:

    Friday 23 April 2.30pm, Saturday 24 April 10am & 7pm.

     Stephen Maguire
    Graeme Dott

     Frame Scores: 
    1st Session: 59(35)-66(43), 4-94(94), 64-18, 35-68(41), 22-110(110), 55-66, 0-99(99), 19-96(59)
    2nd Session: 1-130(130), 9-66(60), 0-131(127), 20-67(50), 125(120)-0, 82(82)-0, 7-67(40), 66(58)-46
    3rd Session: 75(75)-19, 81(77)-9, 23-99(44,49)

     Match Notes:

     Graeme Dott snuffs out any further fireworks from Maguire and he's through to the quarters.

    Maguire continues his revival. I wonder if, having seen Robertson's epic recovery today, doubts will creep into Dott's mind.

    The final sessional is underway and Maguire fires in 75 to keep the match alive.

    Maguire salvages a bit of pride and ensure there'll be at least one frame tonight.

    Maguire wins another frame, but so does Dott, just one from victory now.

     Maguire remembers how to play with a cracking 120 break. Michaela has a senior moment and picks up the cue ball for no apparent reason and they have fun trying to put it back in the right place.

     Another frame goes to Dott. Maguire has only mustered 30 points this morning.

     This is a remarkable performance by Dott. He's fired in his second century of the morning.

     Dott continues on his merry way. Another break of 60 leaves a very forlorn looking Maguire sitting in his chair.

    A blistering start to session two on Saturday morning by Dott. He's fired in 130 to go 8-1 up.

     Amazing session, especially for Dott who has a huge 7-1 lead.

     Dott fires in his third ninety plus break of the afternoon has leads 6-1. The former champion is flying here today.

     Dott's won frame six on the colours and he's got himself well fired up now with a 5-1 lead.

    A re-rack to frame six has slowed the pace down a bit. It's more than 20 minutes since Maguire last potted a ball.

     A brilliant century takes Dott into a 4-1 lead and he's playing superbly well this afternoon.

    Dott makes 94 and a 41 clearance to open a 3-1 lead. It must be off putting for these two players and eruptions of cheers and applause come from the adjoining table, where Steve Davis is rolling back the years. MAguire has spent half the last frame with his head twisted round trying to see what Higgins and Davis are up to.

     Dott steals the opener on the black.

     Hello and welcome to the battle of the Scots. First session this afternoon will be eight frames. Only thing I can tell for sure is that a Scot will win this match!

    Match Photos