• 2010 Betfred.com World Snooker Championship

    Quarter Final 1 Steve Davis 5-13 Neil Robertson

    Best of 25 Frames over 3 sessions:

    Tuesday 27 April 10am & 7pm, Wednesday 28 April 2.30pm.

     Steve Davis
    Neil Robertson

     Frame Scores: 
    1st Session: 30-83(35), 24-96(92), 14-92(63), 47-75(57), 67-41, 12-65(36), 0-89(89), 25-84(53)
    2nd Session: 14-85(53), 128(128)-1, 54(40)-70(39), 0-92(92), 26-84(45), 65(33,32)-64(48), 61-38
    3rd Session: 68(59)-1, 27-107(107)

     Match Notes:

      Robertson completes victory in style with a century.
    Davis knocks in a good run of 59 to take the first frame of the afternoon and prolong his Crucible adventure just a little longer.

    So it's Dennis Taylor v Neil Robertson this afternoon - Rob Walker has a foot in mouth moment and introduces Steve Davis as Dennis! Steve obliges by borrowing a pair of glass from a member of the audience! And it's just not Rob's day as he returns to the media centre looking for a hole to swallow him up, takes the lid off a bottle of pop, which then sprays him from top to toe!

    Steve Davis wins a marathon 40 minute final frame to stay in the match for one more day

    Robertson misses the match ball red and Davis steals the frame.

    Another frame for Neil and it's just a matter of time now before Steve takes his final bow for this year.

    The Aussie fires in 92 to go within two of the winning line. It looks like Davis has run out of energy now.

    Robertson's goes further ahead after Dvis broke down on 40. There is still the sad prospect that Robertson could win with a session to spare, which would be an ignominious end to Steve's gallant Crucible crusade.

    Steve Davis suddenly finds some form, and makes a great century break and that's Steve's highest break of the season.

     Davis wastes a good chance to get a frame on the board, Letting Robertson in on the last red after making 45.

     Robertson continues where he left off this morning, taking the first tonight with 53 after Davis missed a red.
     Aussie Rules Okay - 7-1 up at the end of the session.

     Robertson continues in ruthless style, a run of 89 takes him 6-1 ahead.

    At last Davis wins a frame but he made very hard work of it. A great snooker on the green had Robertson in trouble.

    That's a body blow for Davis fans as Robertson takes blue to black for a 4-0 lead.

    Robertson is already looking extremely dangerous in this match. A 92 clearance takes him two frames up.

    Good morning. Settle down for a long session. The first frame has already been in play 27 minutes and Steve has settled in to a 43 second shot time

    Match Photos