• 2010 Betfred World Snooker Championship

    Last 32 - Match 14 - Stephen Hendry 10-9 Anda Zhang

     Frame Scores 1st Session
    71(60)-19, 61-48(48), 74(73)-1, 71-4, 0-83(83), 39(39)-70(69), 1-81(64), 21-60(46)
     Frame Scores 2nd Session
    50(38)-97(86), 93(65)-0, 61-1, 65(38)-77(35c), 9-77(41), 0-124(76), 6-97(49), 89(89)-25, 94(52)-6, 89(55)-4

    Zhang takes the last of the session with a run of 46, so the match is finely balance ahead of their return on Sunday evening.

    Hendry stops the rots and takes a 5-3 lead. He'll have the overnight lead now.

    Three frames on the spin now for zhang as he makes 64. He's only a frame behind now and Hendry has had a good chance to see just how good the teenager is.

    Zhang takes his chance to put frame six on the board. Hendry faltered on 39 and Zhang dished with 69.

    Zhang returns from the interval and break his duck with a brilliant break.

    Hendry is bossing the match so far. He's outplayed Zhang in the safety department and pounced on any hint of an error from the youngster.

    First blood to Stephen Hendry and now the youngster knows what it's like to play in the seven times champion's own venue.

    Both players receive a rapturous welcome into the arena. A great atmosphere, it sends a tingle down your spine.

    Good afternoon. Welcome to the start of this intriguing clash. The seven times champion versus the new kid on the block.


    Oh my goodness! What a match, and what a performance by the seven times Champion. Never Say Die when Hendry is around. He's come back from nearly dead and buried and looked near invincible as he rattled off the last three frames to clinch the match.

    Wow!!! This match deserved to gate to a late night one frame shoot out and that's what we're going to have.

    When the going gets tough... Zhang missed a black and Hendry produced a masterful 89 to stay in the match.

    Hendry is beginning to look very shaky under the pressure Zhang is exerting. The teenager has pounced on another missed red by Hendry and now he's won four on the spin and is one frame from a momentous victory

    The tension is mounting. Zhang's missed an easy red trying to pinch a bit but Hendry has also overcut a red to give Zhang another chance.

    Zhang hits the front for the first time in the match as he pumps in 76 to win frame 13.

    It's level again. What a thriller we have on our hands now.

    Zhang continues to battle back. He's won the frame before the interval. He's only one behind and still Hendry can't shake the teenager off his back.

    Hendry has won two frames in a row to open a 7-5 lead.

    Wow! What a start to the night's proceedings. Hendry missed a straightforward red to centre when he was 50 points up and he ran the white in as well. Zhang slotted a long red and cleared the table with 86.

    Good evening, welcome back. This match is beautifully poised and I have a feeling we'll see a dramatic evening's snooker.


    Match Photos


    Hendry tackles a tricky safety shot

    Zhang ponders his options