• Betfred.com World Championship - Round One

    Last 32 - Match 11 - Mark Allen 10-4 Tom Ford

     Frame Scores 1st Session
    67(66)-59(59), 89(57)-0, 64(39)-35(31), 71(51)-64(36), 62-8, 86(86)-6, 67-39(38), 6-110(107), 122(122)-0
     Frame Scores 2nd Session
    8-117(77), 36(36)-72(71), 75(32)-38(38), 6-67(58), 72(72)-48(33)


    Allen wraps up the ninth frame to lead 8-1 at the end of the session. They return again tomorrow morning to finish this match. In fact Allen is still potting balls and he's on 97 and on a maximum attempt.... 104... two reds left, one open and one near a side rail... Play has stopped on the other table and Barry and John are getting a stiff neck trying to watch. The last red disappears, now the black to get on the yellow.. The pink is the only ball off its spot. He ran too far on the yellow and has snookered himself on the green trying to come right round the table... bad luck Mark, good attempt but he didn't manage to fluke the green anywhere.

    At last Ford breaks his Crucible duck, and in style with the first century of this year's event.

    Allen marches on. 6-0 up now and in the next Ford has missed a simple red and chalks the butt end of his cue in exasperation.

    The interval doesn't seem to have helped Ford, Allen has won the fifth convincingly.

    Allen has stolen another frame on the black for a 4-0 lead at the interval. Tom will be glad to get out of the arena for a while to gather his thoughts.

    Ford didn't get back into the frame and Allen forges on to 3-0 ahead.

    Mark Allen looks to be in frighteningly good form this morning. He's flying so far. But he's broken down 50 ahead in the third so here's a chance for Tom Ford to settle into the match and steal the frame.

    It's first blood to Allen as he clears to the black after Ford had opened a handy 59 point lead.

    Mark Allen had a traumatic journey to get to the Crucible after his plane was cancelled due to the volcanic ash.
    But a taxis and ferries got him here in time to take on Tom Ford, who is making his debut here today.
    Also making his debut is their referee Leo Scullion. Jan Verhaas and Terry Camilleri are both stuck in Europe due to the ash problem so the other refs are going to have to work even harder than usual.

    Mark Allen wraps up a convincing victory with a 72 clearance.

    Ford wins lucky frame 13 to ensure that the match will last beyond the interval.

    Allen stops Ford's Sunday morning fun by capitalising when Ford missed on 38.

    Tom's put another frame on the board, he got in for a 71 clearance after Allen missed on 36.

    Ford starts in style with a break of 77.

    Tom Ford has a mountain to climb here, but he'll be giving it his best shot, frame by frame.

    Good morning, welcome back to sunny Sheffield


    Match Photos

    Clive Everton prepares to commentate on his 33rd World Championship at the Crucible

    Two Crucible debutants - Tom Ford and Leo Scullion